Flemington Spotlight: Attachments and Sage

Meet Karen Shankoff, the owner of Attachments and Sage, two boutiques located on Main Street. Karen opened Attachments Jewelry 20 years ago, and a few years later, she opened Sage Boutique just a few doors down.


Attachments Jewelry offers a wide selection of jewelry and accessories from costume to fine jewelry. Sage Boutique carries everything from women’s clothing, baby clothes, home decor, essential oils, and more!


Having been in business for 20 years, Karen has built a loyal customer base from all over New Jersey. Karen said the best part about owning a boutique is “building such great friendships with customers. They come in and are always so excited to shop. One of my favorite parts of owning this business is helping make them and their loved ones happy. They are always so lovely and easy to work with and are incredibly loyal.”
If you have ever shopped at one of her stores, you know Karen and her team are always willing to go above and beyond for this Attachments and Sage family!


This month Karen is celebrating her 20th year in business! Yesterday Sunday, September 20th, she kicked off 20 acts of kindness celebrating 20 years in business in 2020! Karen has picked her first nominee 93 years old WWII veteran Archie Fagan who just retired from Shoprite. Karen’s first act of kindness was cooking Archie and his wife a nice home-cooked meal to help ring in the Jewish New Year!

Do you have someone you want to nominate for an act of kindness?

Stop into Attachments or Sage and fill out a nomination form. Every day, Karen will pick a new winner and return the act of kindness by bringing a smile to their face, whether with a gift, a home-cooked meal, or volunteering her time.
Who do you want to nominate?
Do you know a teacher who could use a pick me up, a nurse who would appreciate a gift, or a deserving friend! Stop into Attachments and Sage and spread the kindness as they celebrate two business decades!

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