Business Profile of the Week: Theresa’s Cafe

Meet the Marvelous Trio Behind Theresa’s Cafe: Arturo, Elda & Alberto!   In the heart of Flemington, a delightful family-owned gem awaits you. Theresa’s Cafe, a cozy haven for breakfast and lunch lovers, is the brainchild of Arturo, Elda, and their son, Alberto. This dynamic trio took the reins of this charming eatery at the end of 2020, waved their culinary wands, and unveiled a brand-new Theresa’s Cafe in early 2021.  When Arturo spotted Theresa’s Cafe up for grabs, he turned to Alberto and said, “Let’s do this!” And do it, they did! In addition to crafting delicious dishes, they own a commercial maintenance and contracting company.  Theresa’s Cafe opens its doors for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, offering a mouthwatering array of options. From fluffy eggs, heavenly French toast, and stacked-high pancakes to soul-soothing oatmeal, tasty soups, wraps, juicy burgers, garden-fresh salads, and panini’s that’ll make your taste buds tango!  Arturo’s fave? “A three-egg white omelet with chicken & spinach,” he declares. An absolute winner, according to him!  What truly sets Theresa’s Cafe apart is its unwavering commitment to being family-owned and operated. Elda and Alturo are your daily hosts, dishing out culinary delights with love. And when the weekends roll around, Arturo and his daughters join the party, ensuring that every visit feels like a warm embrace. “It takes a village to keep this Cafe running,” says Elda. “But we would have it no other way.”  Theresa’s Cafe also offers take-out, catering, and office orders. Dining in or taking out, the choice is yours.   117 Broad Street in Flemington. Facebook (@theresascafeflemingtonnj) and Instagram (@theresascafenj) 908-788-8886. “Every day is a crazy good day here at Theresa’s,” Alberto grins. “We expect the unexpected.” So, what are you waiting for?

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