Business Profile of the Week: Defiant Hair

Have you ever seen a more eclectic, sophisticated space?! Welcome to D E F I A N T Hair owned by the gorgeous, sharp, and stylish Lauren Oelkers. Lauren has been a stylist for over 22 years. She knew very early on, that doing hair was her calling. In high school, she started working on her trade, graduated with her license, and began her career. Growing up in Bucks County, she then spread her wings and flew. Down to Philly, over to and throughout New Jersey, with her most recent being her baby- her own space, Defiant Hair, in Flemington. The space is located at 3 Fulper Rd., a stone’s throw away from the Flemington train station. The ambiance is cozy, yet bright and inviting. It instantly gives you a feeling of comfort and ease. The floorplan is open and split leveled, there are many different spaces to sit, relax, and read. There are 2 stylists offering cut, color, extensions, formal styling, and more. “I wanted to create a space that was comfortable for anyone to be”. “I hope that everyone who walks in, can take a deep breath and enjoy their time here”, states Lauren. The grand opening was June 2023 and the community has already taken to this beautiful space. The phone was ringing, both chairs were filled and people were poking their heads in to see what was beyond the yellow door. “My favorite part about my business is the connections”. “The connections to people in the community”. “Being a part of all of their lives and being a part of this community”, states Olekers. Please visit them on IG and pop over to see the salon! You have never seen a more carefully curated space… Imagine what they can do for your hair!

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