Flemington Spotlight: Jersey Community Acupuncture

Flemington Spotlight: Today we shine our spotlight on Jersey Community Acupuncture, an acupuncture clinic offering affordable, effective, community acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat everything from pain and anxiety to hormone imbalances and chronic conditions.

Owner Nicole Maniez opened her business in 2013, since then Jersey Community Acupuncture has become known for taking care of the community. They are best known for community acupuncture for pain and stress relief, tailored herald formulas for chronic cough and respiratory issues, and DIY elderberry kits to make at home. Nicole said her customers are very grateful for the relief they receive from their care. “Their kind words make coming to work every day really meaningful.” 


When asked why she choose to locate her business in Flemington, she said, “It is the center of Hunterdon County, the hub. All roads lead to Flemington.” One of Nicole’s favorite things about Hunterdon county is the beautiful countryside, rolling hills, shaded winding roads, and that passionate people run all the small farms. 

Fun Fact: Nicole grew up in Flemington and attached Hunterdon Central High School! 

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