Business Profile of the Week: Wildflower Yoga Collective

Welcome to Wildflower Yoga Collective owned & operated by the lovely Jennifer Stas-Eliades. Jennifer’s passion for yoga took off in 2014, when she got her yoga certificate. She had gone to one yoga class and loved it so much, she knew she wanted to teach and she enrolled right away! Her yoga business from 2014-2023 was complete “outside the box” thinking. Jennifer hosted outdoor yoga for 9 years! Hiking yoga, wine & yoga, tarot card yoga, goat yoga, lavender yoga and more. She sustained a yoga business for 9 years bouncing all over outdoors to various different spaces to host classes! People came from all over and the ideas kept it going. Just a few short months ago, she caught wind that the Life & Balance yoga studio was closing. She had always known & loved that space. In fact, she said years prior, if that space opens up, that would be where I would want to go. So when they closed, Jennifer was in! She repainted and redid the space, added a gorgeous chandelier, some beautiful decor & a little shopping area…. and August 28th, 2023, they were open for business! Jennifer’s background is in graphic design and she also owns Spruce Run Printing in Clinton NJ. Her plan for the studio is as colored as her outdoor yoga days! She has approximately 15 workshops planned for the upcoming season. Starting in October, you can join her and other collaboratives for Intro to Yoga, Intro to Crystals, Intro to Mudra, Reiki, Meditation & Mendalas, Goddess Visioning and more! Please visit their website: & follow them on IG @wildfloweryogacollective for up to date info on happenings at the studio and daily classes.

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