Business Profile of the Week: Bread and Culture

Say hello to Paulo Velasco, the mastermind behind @breadandculture ! Located at 123 Main Street, Flemington, this delightful cafe is a haven for those searching for homemade bread, pastries, and coffee that’ll sweep you off your feet. Paulo and his dedicated team put in their heart and soul, working six days a week to bring this culinary magic to our community on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. “It’s a craft of patience and love,” Paulo proudly declares. Here at Bread & Culture, no shortcuts are taken. Paulo insists on using only the finest, highest-quality ingredients. Think organic whole grains, butter handpicked from France, local eggs, fresh vegetables, and dairy. Their menu boasts sweet and savory temptations, including loaves and sandwich breads. But let’s talk about their Sourdough croissants, which bloom so beautifully that they’re often called “as big as your head”! Paulo’s journey with Sourdough started back in 2018. While he was once a school counselor who loved his job, he had always harbored a passion for cooking. In fact, he was cooking for his family from the tender age of 11! His journey into the world of Sourdough began when he started making loaves for his friends and family. Soon enough, they encouraged him to turn it into a business, and he set up shop at the STANGL market. His bread gained such a following that people from far and wide would come just for a taste. Rain or shine, there was always a line waiting at his market space. The demand grew, and he started selling at various markets. It was clear that he was onto something truly special. In February 2023, Paulo and his life partner, his biggest fan and wife, Michelle, took the leap and opened Bread & Culture. The bakery is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. but early birds take note – the place is so popular that you might find a line around the building.

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