Business Profile of the Week: Cilantro Garden

Meet Udaya Kumar, chef and owner of Cilantro Garden – a traditional South Indian restaurant specializing in unique and comforting entrees and desserts. Two years ago, Cilantro Garden opened its doors as a takeout restaurant. Now, they welcome everyone to come and sit down and enjoy a meal inside as an alternative. “Every Sunday, I make something unique and different, and I want customers to come in and try something different, experience how it tastes, rather than picking something off the menu they’re comfortable with,” says Kumar. Kumar specializes in Biriyani, rice and meat cooked with special ingredients and simmered. He also handmakes parotta (flatbread) from scratch. “My family makes clay pots from scratch that I hope to cook in one day. They are featured throughout my restaurant, and I would love to show my customers how that process is done.” “I used to be a chef in Princeton, at various restaurants, and when I wanted to open my own, I came to Flemington because of the downtown feel, and there were no other restaurants like mine in the area. I saw that there was a need for fast, delicious takeout; I wanted it to be quick and easy for an authentic meal.” Cilantro Garden is located at 136 Main Street in downtown Flemington!

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