Business Profile of the Week: Flemington BBQ

Meet the man behind Flemington BBQ, Paulo Simoes  Paulo grew up in Portugal and has been cooking Portuguese food with his father since 1980! In 1991, they came to the United States, and in 1993, Paulo opened up his first BBQ shop. In the Spring of 2021, he opened the doors to Flemington BBQ. “I love cooking for the people because I enjoy seeing the smiles on their faces,” smiles Paulo. Everything they make is homemade. Chicken and beef spin over an open charcoal grill from 10 am to 8 pm. Pulled pork, cutlets, empanadas, garlic shrimp, fish filet, and paella! Grilled pineapple, ribs, rice, steak, and steamed veggies! All are prepared in Portuguese style. “You have to like what you do in this business because it’s long hours, six days a week,” states Paulo. “It happens to be my favorite place to be, alongside my community.” Tuesday-Sunday, you can try them out. Located at 284 US-202, you can visit them on IG @flemington_bbq and contact them at  908-824-2663. They have a cozy dining room with waitresses/waiters and do a substantial take-out business. Every day they are open, they have a different soup special. Made daily, from scratch. A massive following of people come daily, just for that! The day we dined in, we had homemade chicken soup…. the broth was so flavorful, and the chicken pulled. An absolute recommendation! The choice on our list the day of was Paulo’s recommendation. A fresh squeezed lemonade, charcoaled BBQ chicken, rice, and steamed veggies!  “Come by, and taste what we have to offer! Oh… and come hungry,” laughs Paulo.

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