Business Profile of the Week: 39 Mine

Shop with the lovely ladies of 39 MINE Boutique! Back in September 2013, Lauren Riley { Pictured on the right in the first picture } decided to open a boutique with her Mother, Dayna { not pictured }. Lauren went to school in NYC for fashion merchandising, working with some of the best names in the business after graduation. She took a few unpaid internships until she realized that this was no longer a feasible option. Living in NYC, working around the clock, and making no money. Lauren’s Mom, Dayna, owned a card shop in Clinton NJ for years. So she had a lot of retail experience. Lauren & Dayna with five thousand dollars from their grandmother, opened their own women’s boutique and just like that were in business together! The first shop was on 39 Mine Street, in Flemington. They maintained that shop for 6 years but were busting at the seams! “We needed more square footage to accommodate all of the new items we brought in weekly”, stated Lauren. They then took a chance and rented the large building at 50 Stangl Rd. February of 2020. It was at least triple the size, so the large inventory followed, and then COVID hit. Lauren, her sister Maddie { pictured on the left in the photo } & her mom Dayna, quickly scrambled along with staff, to get every item on the website to sell online and offer local pickup! Their business flourished! “We were so humbled by the support of the local Flemington community”, states Lauren. “We were able to keep our doors open and keep up with the trends…. we didn’t miss a beat”, states Lauren. Maddie Riley came on board in the last few years, and now they have a Mother/Daughter/ Sister team! “I love the sister bond we have, and it’s only gotten stronger. To be able to work daily with my sister and my Mom is my favorite part”, exclaims Maddie. They offer all three generations of clothing. They hit the fashion trade shows every three months and “shop” for 39 Mine and their customer, who they’ve come to know so well. “Having all three of our perspectives, each in a different decade of life, helps us choose articles for the store that are on point for each generation of life,” says Lauren.

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