Business Profile of the Week: Aunt Mary’s Dispensary

Aunt Mary’s Dispensary! Did you have that cool “Aunt Mary” back in the day, who took you under her wing and watched out for you? Different from your mom or dad, aunts are often able to be a little more light-hearted. They aren’t as strict with you as parents because they don’t feel the same pressures to shape you into someone they want you to be. Often, aunts (and uncles) can be a trusted source to go to and lean on. This is where the name “Aunt Mary’s Dispensary” originated. Aunt Mary’s is a local Flemington, NJ medical marijuana dispensary. They offer a safe, clean, and beautiful space to have the “uncommon” discussion about alternative options for pain, both physical and emotional. They offer various forms of cannabis: traditional flower for smoking, vaping, edible cannabis, sublinguals, and topicals. “Start low, go slow” is their motto. At Aunt Mary’s, you can expect to find one educated staff member for every client who enters the space. “We want you to leave here with something that is going to help you,” states Jeremy, General Manager of the dispensary. They opened in February for “medicinal” use, and once New Jersey passed “adult” use in August, they were open for business to anyone over the age of 21. People come in for sleep aids, physical and emotional pain assistance, and recreational purposes. There are often people who come in that have had no relief for decades in trying traditional methods and are able to find relief within these four walls. “We want to see everyone leave here with a smile,” says Jeremy. Aunt Mary’s is located in the shopping center at 100 Reaville Avenue, Suite 211, Flemington. It is cash only, and you need to sign in with proper ID to enter. Once a very taboo discussion, it is nice to see the walls around this topic have opened up, and many are finding it to be exactly what they have needed all along.

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