Business Profile of the Week: Addicted Chic

Meet Annie Rossi, the visionary behind the enchanting Flemington boutique Addicted Chic! In 2015, Annie brought her lifelong passion for retail into reality, following in the footsteps of her mother, Mary Kayler, who had previously owned the iconic “Added Touches by Mary” boutique in Clinton, NJ, since 1980. Together, they transitioned their legacy into Addicted Jeans Store & Mary’s when Annie joined in 2005. Then, their journey led them to Flemington to open Addicted Chic. As you step into Addicted Chic, you’ll discover a world of elegance. Chandeliers adorn the ceilings, and mannequins showcase the latest in fashion for every occasion, from a night out on the town to everyday ensembles and professional work attire. Annie’s mission is to empower every woman who walks through the door. “We want every woman to shed her worries and embrace the beautiful woman she is through the clothing she leaves with,” Annie passionately states. People from all around, including Flemington, Lambertville, Bucks County, Princeton, and even Staten Island, come to Addicted Chic. The personalized approach sets them apart – they don’t just sell clothes. They create experiences. Their knowledgeable staff asks, “Do you prefer showing off your arms or keeping them covered? Short dress or long? Bright colors or classic black?” This attention to detail ensures that every woman leaves the store with a perfectly curated outfit, accessories, and matching shoes. “We get to be part of the joys in people’s lives,” Annie shares. “We’re more than just a store; we’re their retail therapy.” With a curated selection of over 4,000 items, Addicted Chic has something for women of all ages. Whether you’re youthful or wise, they have everything you need to express your unique style. Exciting news is on the horizon! Addicted Chic is expanding its horizons with a new store in Palm Beach, ensuring that even snowbirds will have their fashion needs covered down south. Annie can’t wait to welcome you there!

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