Flemington Spotlight: Unity Bank

We are happy to shine our Flemington Spotlight on Unity Bank a Community Bank offering a complete suite of personal and business financial services. Since their opening in 1991, they have helped numerous local entrepreneurs start Main Street businesses and local homeowners fulfill their dream of providing a home for their family.

The unique Unity Bank building on Main Street is an architectural gem! This historic former Flemington Train Station is a must see for anyone who loves great architecture, railroad history, and the repurposiing of formerly important buildings with greatly valued new uses! The bank’s interior is a must-see as they lovingly preserved all of the architectural details: stunning counters, wire fronted original ticket windows, and a train platform styled drive-thru banking.

Unity Bank’s Marketing Director, Crystal Rose, said “we strive to help small businesses grow. Our team at Unity Bank loves visiting the small businesses in downtown Flemington and volunteering at local events.”


The team at Unity Bank continues to work closely with the FCP on Opportunity Zone initiatives to help welcome many new businesses to the Borough.

Fun Fact: The President and CEO of Unity Bank, Jim Hughes, partnered up with their clients at Lone Eagle Brewing to create a fun and hyper-local commercial!
Watch it here: https://youtu.be/JFDhJq2Q6jI

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