Business Profile of the Week: The Happy Peacock

Say hello to the owners of @thehappypeacock23 – Rick & Giannina ( “G” ) Seaman! This charming retail haven officially opened its doors in January 2023, marking the realization of a dream nurtured over time. Rick, a former Big Box district manager, realized it was time for him to spread his wings and embark on a new adventure. For as long as they can remember, this couple has been exploring the “Main Streets” of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, indulging in the joy of shopping, dining, and discovery. “Everywhere we’d go, G had an uncanny ability to discover the most eclectic gifts for our friends and family,” shares Rick. “One day, while we were strolling through Montclair and enjoying one of our most memorable dates, G said, ‘Babe, maybe you should do this.’ That moment stayed with me.” The idea simmered in Rick’s mind, and he set out on a quest to find the “perfect location.” For about a year, he diligently researched different towns and boroughs, seeking the ideal retail spot to call their own. Just as he was on the verge of giving up, G’s unwavering support encouraged him to explore one more place. The very next day, Rick ventured into Flemington. As he walked the streets, engaging with various business owners, he couldn’t help but notice the buzz surrounding the upcoming new hotel and the revitalization in store for Flemington borough. While strolling down Main Street, he serendipitously stumbled upon an available location. He promptly jotted down the address, called the Realtor, and within two weeks, The Happy Peacock had a home. Their store is a delightful fusion of whimsical sayings, engaging games and toys, and unique gift items. G’s impeccable knack for curating just the right items is evident throughout the store. “We aim to make everyone who visits our store say, ‘This place is eclectic and fun!'” beams Giannina. They cherish the role they play in the rebirth of Flemington borough. The store’s logo, a beautiful peacock with a subtle smile, symbolizes the indescribable satisfaction Rick felt on the day he signed the lease for this space.

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