Business Profile of the Week: Within Spirit

Say hello to the owners of Within Spirit, Toni Gushue & Nikki Steward. Toni & Nikki spent much time over COVID-19 interacting on social media lives creating a community of trust when everyone needed healing. A year and a half later, in September 2021, they decided to open this magical little shop at 37 Stangl Rd. The shop is very cozy. It has a warm and comfortable feeling inside. It is lined with crystals of all different colors for all different healing purposes. “I love Smokey Quartz & Amazonite, both for their calming and emotional regulation properties,” says Toni. The duo make a good pair. Toni manages the daily operations, and Nikki handles all metaphysical needs, such as workshops and readings. Both are very well-versed in crystals and can assist clients with their purchases. They are also Reiki Masters and offer services and training for others interested in becoming one. Within Spirit certainly provides many different modalities for people to choose from. They offer crystals, herbs, card readings, Reiki, sound healing, and workshops to assist in the personal journey toward healing. “Our favorite part is being able to help people in their time of need,” says Gushue. Upcoming events at the shop are October 25th, 7pm “Intuitive Development” and October 27th, 5-9pm, “Stangl Witch Walk & Moon Market”. Toni and Nikki are also the Owner / Operator of The Flemington Ghost Walk and the founding members of Jersey Paranormal Investigations. There is more out there than traditional Western Medicine. Come and see what Within Spirit is all about. Visit them on Instagram @withinspiritnj and Facebook @withinspirit or in person at 37 Stangl Rd., Flemington.

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