A Local’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

A Local’s Guide to Holiday Shopping

 Flemington resident Emily Kelchen hits the street to find the best seasonal gifts, grub, and good cheer.

Crossing off everyone on your holiday shopping list can be as simple as crossing the street. Whether it’s a gift for your niece, co-worker, or hostess, you can find it all right here in the heart of Flemington. Before you endure the stress of waiting in line under the bright lights of box stores or the mall, take a relaxing stroll through town to discover some unique gifts while supporting our local economy.

Flemington resident Emily Kelchen recently did just that, and posted some favorite highlights from her shopping adventure on her Instagram page @eskelchen for us to share. Read the story below.

Found something local that you love? We want to hear about it! Share your love for Flemington during the holiday season, and tag us @loveflemington, use the hashtag #loveflemington, or email us at communications@FlemingtonCP.com.

Emily’s first stop was the Stella Valle pop-up on 79 Main Street. Their reimagined charm jewelry is super unique and personalized. The ladies who own this shop and design the jewelry were featured on Shark Tank! Learn more about the pop-up and their brand here.

The holidays are a perfect time to explore shops you have never been to before, and Emily did just that. Next up on her journey, she popped into Natural Beauty by Jamie, which is not just a salon, it’s also a boutique. Whether it’s a rejuvenating facial, relaxing massage, or adorable outfit, there’s something to pamper everyone on your holiday list, including gift cards if you can’t decide!

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you get yourself, like fresh and beautiful holiday decorations from Flemington Floral to keep you in the holiday spirit.

Not only do they have several bouquets and centerpieces to choose from, they also have a variety of gifts like these rustic signs that pay homage to our area, and prints from local photographer Dave Norton.

A day of shopping can make you hungry, so it’s important to power up with plenty of snack breaks to keep the energy flowing! A sweet treat and cup of creamy hot cocoa from Hardy’s Coffee Bar is just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re not a gift-giver, and philanthropy is more your thing, check out becoming a member (or gifting a membership) to Social Norm on 52 Main Street, a new non-profit space that’s an art gallery by day, and a members-only social club (including fabulous mocktails) by night.

This year, old is the new ‘new.’ People are more conscious than ever about how gifting impact the environment. Go green by looking for one-of-a-kind unique gifts by perusing antique shops or second hand stores.

Lucky for locals, The Mine is the newest antique shop in town (it also has handmade items from local artisans). The shop’s vibe is super cool and relaxed, with records playing in the background as you peruse the racks with their vast assortment of vintage threads.

Act 2 Books is another great spot to find a local gift. Not only do they carry a fantastic selection of rare and out-of-print books, they have titles written by local authors, as well as books about local people, places, history, and events.

As mentioned before, taking lots of snack breaks while you are out shopping is critical. The Italian Bakery on 31 Reaville Ave. has mouth-watering holiday treats perfect for gifting, as well as putting a little pep in your holiday shopping step.

Thanks to@eskelchen for taking us along on her holiday shopping spree around Flemington!

If you have a local shop that you can’t get enough of, we want to hear about it! Share your love of Flemington during the holiday season, and tag us @loveflemington, using the hashtag #loveflemington, or email us at communications@FlemingtonCP.com.


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