New Business: Koros Wargames LLC

Koros Wargames LLC is Flemington’s newest gaming shop and club house. Located at 39 Mine St, they carry a wide variety of products that support your War Gaming, RPG, Board Game, and Hobby needs. Cindy, the manager at Koros Wargames grew up in Flemington. Cindy has helped her father, the owner of Koros Wargames bring his dream of running a hobby store to life. Keeping it close to home, they chose to open up in Flemington Borough and bring the small town community something to do; game. Flemington has a large gaming community but thus far has yet to have a space where they can convene and play together. Since opening, Koros Wargames membership program has 23 members and manager Cindy loves to talk and get to know each and every one of them. She especially enjoys receiving pictures of different painted figurines boasting every member’s unique personality and creativity. New to the gaming community? Check out Koros Wargames and their most popular game; WarHammer 40k, you’ll be sure to have some fun!



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