Flemington Spotlight: OrangeTheory Fitness

Ready to get your sweat on? OrangeTheory Fitness is a leading fitness gym that offers group personal training workouts based on high-intensity interval training that blends cardiovascular and strength training. Their classes consist of a one hour, full-body group workout that focuses on heart-rate based training. Their workouts are tracked with technology so you can see your results in real-time. As a gym that backed by science they state that you will burn more calories post-workout with this method. All of their classes are led and inspired by certified coaches to ensure you get the most out of your workout.

OrangeTheory opened three years ago and has built an amazing community of members. Kelli, the manager at OrangeTheory, said, “watching how hard each person works to achieve their goals is so inspiring. They always show up ready to give their 100%!”


Fun Fact: At OrangeTheory, your first class is FREE!

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