Dine In, Take-Out, Gift Cards, & Delivery

With nearly 40+ participating restaurants, there’s something for everyone in Flemington! Visit a favorite local spot or discover a new one during our month-long Restaurant Month. A spin-off on traditional restaurant weeks, Flemington’s Restaurant Month offers FOUR FULL WEEKS of memorable dining experiences. Whether it’s a quick bite or a fine dining experience, Flemington’s. Restaurant Month invites you to indulge in the thrill of participating in a fun Bingo game while enjoying the area’s wide selection of dining establishments.

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Here are the rules to play and win prizes through March 31st!

  • Please download a bingo card on www.loveflemington.com or pick up a printout at
    Stangl Farmer’s Market (Open every Sat. 9am -3pm).
  • You can mark off a space on your bingo card when purchasing at the named restaurant.
  • When you get five in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, please email us your bingo card with either:
    • a) a photo of yourself (or your purchase) at the restaurant OR
    • b) your restaurant receipt to Communications@FlemingtonCP.com
  • Winners will be drawn on MARCH 15, MARCH 22, and MARCH 29 for a $50 gift card from the restaurant of your choice!
  • A GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be drawn on APRIL 6 for a gift certificate package valued at $250 with a bonus prize for the best selfie!

Select one of the four bingo cards below!

See below for the full list of participating restaurants!